Photo Competitions

Just a few details
* Each photo competition there will be an assignment or subject matter for your photos that you enter.
To submit your photo please email them to
please email me your photo for the competition with the name of the photo. Be creative, that's half the fun!
All entries must be in by the Due Date. The polls will be open for one week following the dead line.

Rules & Conditions:
1. Only one entry per competition.

2. You must have taken the photo yourself and they can not break any copyright infringement

3.When the polls open, you need to vote once for your own photo and then once for another photo.

4. Your pictures cannot be photo-shopped unless the competition specifically calls for it. With the exception of turning your photos Black and White.

5. Be creative and have fun

6. By submitting your entry, you are agreeing to these rules and conditions.