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Picture Perfect

Tips on how to make your portrait session go smoother and your portraits looking great.

Tip 1. Location, Location, Location

The location of your portrait shoot will make all the difference in your portraits. When choosing a location make sure that it does not have too many distractions such as, roads, cars or other competing features. The location will be the backdrop to your portraits. Make sure the location looks great from top to bottom. The trees in the backyard maybe very pretty but remember you are not 20 feet tall and all you will see are the trunks behind you.

Tip 2. Timing

Treasured Portraits is on location photography, so the time of day in which you schedule your portraits is very important. The best time of the day to schedule your portrait session is early morning or late afternoon. The sun at this time of day creates a soft warm glow, perfect for portraiture. If these times are not possible, then look for a location with a large shady area to diffuse harsh lighting. Lightly overcast days are also ideal for photographing.

Wedding portraiture is important. It is the way to capture the day forever. During the excitement of the day it may be easy to overlook this detail, but in the days afterward you will be glad that you took the time to get them right. Make sure that when you are planning your day you schedule time for you portraits. You can schedule Bridal and couple pictures a few days before the wedding. However if you like to hold to tradition and are opposed to the groom seeing the bride in that beautiful gown before the ceremony, a little extra time will be needed in either before or during the reception to photograph Mr. & MRS and the wedding party.

Tip 3. A little more on Weddings

Before the big day we will like to meet with you and discuss what you want photographed. We will have you fill out a checklist to make sure we get everything. However we will not be able to recognize Great Grandma. So assign a photo coordinator. They will help us assemble everyone for pictures. You might want two, one from each side of the family so that we don’t forget anyone.

Tip 4. What to wear?

For group or family portraits is best to stick with solid colors that are free of distracting prints or lines. Pick clothing that is comfortable. When you are comfortable it shows in your smile. Having everyone where the same color helps keep the focus on the faces and helps the composition of the portrait as a whole. If dressing alike is not your style then have people dress in colors that compliment each other.

For individual or senior portraits it is a little different. Bring a couple of outfits that best show off your personality. Be aware that certain styles of clothing may date your portraits, so be sure that you also choose at least one classic outfit that will highlight your face as well.

For a more slimming effect choose dark colors and a longer 3/4 sleeve. Long Jeans or trousers, shoes with heals, long skirts or short skirts with dark nylons also create a longer more slimming look. Make sure it is not 90° outside when you do this.

Tip 5. Bring Props or Pets

Props add a personal touch to individual portraits. A guitar, sports equipment, car, or favorite pet will be a great way to set your portraits apart from everyone else.

Tip 6. Relax

Picture day can be a stressful one. Ensure that your day goes smoothly by using these tips to de-stress your day.

Set out your clothing the day before.

Prep your small children explain to them what is going to happen so they know what to expect. Many times we hear parents say “We only need one good shot.” Even the smallest kids know how to count to one. Many think they are done after just one pose. Practice with them at home explaining to them that you will be taking many pictures. Make a game of it. Have them pretend to be the photographer!

Listen to music on the way to the shoot. Music can calm you down or it can pump you up. Use it to your advantage.

Kids pick up on your mood. So relax, smile, and let us do the rest!

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